Memorable Learning Techniques

Lecturers and staff of the University of Technology Malaysia (UTM) continue to provide students with advice and guidance on generic skills that need to be mastered throughout their studies.

Through the Office of Graduate Studies (UGS), we regularly design various student development and academic development programs to ensure that UTM produces excellent, quality and marketable students and meets the needs of the industry.

Various tips and methods of skill development that can be a reference for a University student. These include:

  1. Reading Skills

The links above are one of the skills that can help you master the art of reading various materials and references at the University. Information from York University.

  1. Note Taking Skills

Students can improve their note-taking skills by using a variety of methods such as listening, creating specific formats / templates for notes, using key words and so on. Tips above referenced from Rasmussen College.

  1. Oral Presentation

Oral presentation is one of the most important things for university students in preparation for the work environment. These tips from La Trobe University Australia help you to develop effective strategies for improving your oral and general presentation skills.

  1. Preparing for the Exam

Here are the strategies to help you get through the final exams and exams. Reference from York Univesity.