U1 Appreciation of Philosophy, Value and History Cluster

Starting with student’s intake of the 2018/2019 session.

Philosophy and Current Issues


About Course

This course encapsulates philosophical relation to National Education Philosophy and the Rukun Negara. The use of philosophy as a tool to purify the culture of thought in life through the arts and methods of thinking and human concepts. The main topics in philosophy, namely epistemology, metaphysics and ethics, are discussed in the context of current issues. Emphasis is given to philosophy as a basis for intercultural dialogue and to foster universal values. At the end of the course, students should be able to view the disciplines of knowledge as a whole and interdependent body of knowledge.

Appreciation of Ethics and Civilizations


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This course explains the ethical concepts from the perspective of different civilizations. The course also aims to identify system, the level of development, advancement and culture in strengthening social cohesion. Besides, discussion on the contemporary issues in the aspects of economy, politic, social, culture and environment from an ethical and civilization perspectives can produce students who are morally and professionally.



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This course discusses the civilizations studies which include the introduction to civilizational studies, development and interaction of civilizations in Islamic, Malay, Chinese, Indian Civilizations as well as contemporary civilizations issues in the Islamic and Asia Civilizations. This course aims to provide insight into each of these elements and their implications for the national development process. Discussions and debates in this course also aim to produce students who know the history of the country, cultivate ethical values, have a national identity and appreciate diversity.



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This course is to discuss the progress and development of Malaysia in the context of social, political and economic development. The discussion of the course covers various disciplines of social sciences knowledge which comprises of sociology, political sciences, history, international affair and global issues. The assessment methods of the course are the test, group assignment and presentation and final exam that emphasize on the aspects of global citizenship and scholarship.


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This course aims to train students to communicate in basic Malay in everyday life. Students will be exposed to spoken and written English language easily. Students will be exposed to basic Malay spoken and written. At the end of the course, students are expected to be able to communicate and write simple sentences effectively.



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This course is designed for first-year undergraduate international students. Students will be exposed to various aspects of Malaysian culture such as belief systems, religious celebrations, customs and ethics of different ethnic groups in Malaysia. They will also be introduced to Malaysian traditional music, arts and crafts.